Brittany Shoot   Freelance Journalist & Writer

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Motto(s): Stop and talk to people. Don't look down. Be a person.

Established favorites: avocados, Danish dancehall, airports, urbanism, contemporary art, bundling up, academic analysis of celebrity gossip, Berlin, pelicans, aesthetics of cigarette smoking, nail art, dance-punk, chess, hygge,
(my 1987 diesel) Mercedes Benz, compassion, potatoes, acupuncture, bluegrass,
film photography, parliamentary brawls, snail mail, the suffix -ness, marzipan, grandparents, personal geography, origin stories, generosity, outlaw country, beachcombing, fog, roadside memorials, neon signs, the blue hour, short stories, puffins, road trips; desert landscapes, outposts, and oases

Current preoccupations: islands, pilgrimages, sea chanties, remote borders, open space reserves, slaw, shorebirds, fringe and extreme sports, Old Florida, gin, pay phones, Googie architecture, infosuicide, queueing, empty lots, barnacles, becoming & being a regular, fiber arts, UPF clothing, deep hanging out, hard bop, witches, sea kayaking

Dislikes: fundamentalism, migraines, helplessness, GMOs, technophilia, snobbery, historical fiction, monolithic definitions of love and/or marriage, being photographed, mixing live action and animation, myopia, crowds, entitlement, platitudes, licorice, poor smartphone etiquette

Former demonyms: Hoosier, Iowan, Bostonian, Copenhagener

Languages:* English (AmE, BrE), Danish, Spanish, French
*proficiency varies

Inspirations (abridged): on-the-spot translators, parkours, roadies, INTJs, Naomi Klein, Melissa Holbrook Pierson, long-haul truckers, Jonathan Raban, civil resisters, cab drivers, Sherry Turkle, Nicole Holofcener, Marina Abramović, Ellen Meloy, code-switchers, Stevie Nicks

I believe in the art of letter writing, the indispensability of print media, and women.

Here's to feeling good all the time.